Everything that needs to be done before you can start developing React Native apps on your Mac

Desk setup
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Why You Should Use a Mac

The downside of developing RN apps on Windows is that you cannot test your app on iOS. If you’re only targeting Android, then there’s no fuss. But…

What is data visualization and how it manages to change the world

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Introductory Q&A

What is data visualization?

The term data visualization refers to representing data in a format that is either pictorial or graphical, offering the user the possibility to grasp a better understanding of a dataset.

A closer look at how JavaScript code is run on an Android/iOS device, how it’s translated to native code, and more

Phone with code on screen
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A very opinionated rant about why I find cross-platform development easier

Coding desk setup
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A step-by-step tutorial to help you integrate FCM in your React Native app

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A complete guide to creating a new app on Apple’s AppStore and configuring Xcode configurations for your QA scheme

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Who is this tutorial aimed at?

This is aimed at mobile developers of any seniority who want to release an app to the AppStore. Whether you’re writing a native iOS app or a cross-platform…

What I learned during my first two years as a software developer

Working on laptop
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A concise and easy-to-follow guide on downloading files in React Native apps.

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<action android:name="android.intent.action.DOWNLOAD_COMPLETE" /></intent-filter>

A complete guide on how to handle multipart requests in React Native

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npm install --save rn-fetch-blob
yarn add rn-fetch-blob
export interface MedicalRecord {
description: string…

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