Make command line your friend

Software developers that work in teams heavily rely on the usage of version control systems for keeping track of the changes that each team member made, in addition to sharing the work with each other. Version control systems are also our safety net — we can make mistakes and break…

Let’s navigate through a list of factors that are heavily impacting your productivity and your general satisfaction with programming.

If you are a software developer you know exactly this scenario: you’re trying to code your way through today’s TODO list, then you stumble upon one little bug that drains all…

How to write a custom hook that will ensure that sticky popups don’t ruin the UX in your React app.

First of all, the scenario that’s bugging us:

Let’s say that in your app you have a popup that opens when you click on a user. In that popup, you…

Productivity is overrated. We do not have to grow and evolve all the time, and it’s OK to be lazy

Laptop on desk

Before starting my rant, some disclaimers: I do not encourage laziness. I do not agree with not properly doing the job you’re paid to do. You shouldn’t eat junk food for every meal, but it’s OK to do so from time to time if you want to. …

How to dynamically change the navigation pattern of your website based on the current platform of the user

MaterialUI is a powerful React UI framework — the most popular, to be fair. Getting started with it is as simple as running npm install @material-ui/core . …

Customize the look and feel of your own editor

Code editor

What we want to accomplish: a beautiful and reliable text editor for your React application. It will enable the user to write articles/stories in the same manner that they would on Medium, Google Docs, or any other editor that supports block (normal text, H1, H2, etc) and inline (bold, underline…

Everything that needs to be done before you can start developing React Native apps on your Mac

Desk setup

If you’re here, you’re in for a fun ride. We’re going to explore all the steps that must be followed in order to properly set up your Mac for React Native development. I will also show you the problems that I personally ran into and how to fix them.


What is data visualization and how it manages to change the world

Introductory Q&A

What is data visualization?

The term data visualization refers to representing data in a format that is either pictorial or graphical, offering the user the possibility to grasp a better understanding of a dataset.

A data visualization tool refers to the software that is used for generating the said presentation. Some of the most…

A closer look at how JavaScript code is run on an Android/iOS device, how it’s translated to native code, and more

Phone with code on screen

React Native is a JavaScript library that allows us to create mobile apps that will run on both Android and iOS. As they sell it, “Learn once, write anywhere.” Over the past two years, it has led the market and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. …

A very opinionated rant about why I find cross-platform development easier

Coding desk setup

Before starting out, I want to say that I appreciate every mobile development platform equally. I respect every developer who helps the advancement of such technologies and I understand that there would be no cross-platform without native development. …

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